Subject: Montepulciano
Hi All

Ann asked where we are staying in (well, really not in, but not far from) Montepulciano. We are staying in an old farm house on the road from San Quirico to Pienza. Here is the URL:

I must thank Ann, Felice and Paolo for your dining recommendations. I have some for Pienza from Janet S. in FL, so I should have plenty to eat while in the area. We plan on visiting these towns, and if anyone has comments, we would appreciate them.

Pienza San Quirico Montepulciano Montalcino also nearby abbeys, forts, etc.

I have been wanting to visit Massa Marittima for a long time. I wonder if it is too far for a day trip? We might also try Arrezzo. We have 5 days, so I am sort of planning of 5 towns.

Ciao & Grazie, Debbie