Subject: Re: Montepulciano
Hello Deb:

Massa Marittima would probably be a couple of hours from Montepulciano, but I really liked it, so, I would think, worth it. While in the area of Montalcino, don't miss San Antimo. The first time my husband and I visited, in 1998, it was relatively undiscovered and peaceful, with Gregorian chants playing. In 2002, it was a bit overrun by tourists, but still a wonderful place. On Sunday, there is a mass with Gregorian chant.

In Pienza, I don't know my directions well, but there is a small church we walked to on the opposite side of the town from where all of the parking is. It is about 12th century; to gain entry, knock on the caretaker's door at the back of the church. Perhaps another Ziner knows the name of it? It was in our guide books.

Have a great trip.

Lisa in Chicago