Subject: Ski trips
Hello snow-sliding Ziners,

Well, as temperatures drop and rain turns to snow I know all you winter-sport-inclined Travelziners are chomping at the bit to get out in the cold. While the majority of our group members dream of tropical sunsets and balmy ocean breezes the crazy few of us are waxing our sticks and checking the snow levels. Well, snow lunatics, where is your slip-sliding addiction taking you this year? Sara and I will be making another trek up to British Columbia. After two years at Whistler were headed back into the interior again. This time to ski the areas around Kelowna and Kamloops. We'll also do a long weekend at Park City and another at Mammoth. And late in March I'll be escorting ten of my ski/snowboard-bum friends on a snowcat expedition up into the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado. I imagine Cova and Tom will be tearing up the Pyrenees as usual. How about the rest of our winter enthusiasts? Who's headed to the Alps? Anybody going to more exotic locales? The Tatras? Carpathians? Caucasus? Pamirs? Do tell.

John in San Diego