Subject: Re: Ski trips
Hello Ziners,

and another skier reporting :))

We spent the first weekend in November in Jaca. The first snow of the season had already fallen by mid October, and we were able to watch the snow-capped Collarada and Aspe. But we werenīt in the mood of dragging the skis (and the boots are probably worse ...) up, so we ended up having a walk in the well-marked Saint Jamesī Way from Canfranc Village to Canfranc Station (we came across a couple of valiant pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela). It was a bit rainy, but it is a pleasant way to spend a morning. We were able to enjoy the late fall colours, had we had walked in the summer, there are plenty of strawberry and rapsberry plants to keep you entertained...

On Sunday we took a detour on our way back home. Instead of driving straight away to Bilbao via Pamplona, we packed a picnic lunch in the car, and from Sangesa we headed south towards Tafalla. We arrived to Olite at around 16:00 pm, with time to visit the castle of the kings of Navarra, built at the end of the XIV century. It is an enjoyable visit, full of towers, cloisters and galleries.

I havenīt really planned anything for this year, but if the weather is so extreme as last summer, I am afraid that I will have to skate a little bit in a couple of weeks time, once I get to Hamburg and begin to enjoy its Christmas Market ...

Kind regards,

Covadonga Bilbao - Spain