Subject: Re: Ski trips
Hello Ziners,

My father and I are going on a Father/Son ski trip in early Dec. to Snow Basin in Utah. It's less than an hour from the Salt Lake City (SLC) airport and is also where the recent Winter Olympics were held. I'm very proud of my Father (for many reasons) for skiing and not letting his age of 70 hold him back.

I don't yet have experience skiing in Canada, Europe or South America but I've skied (sp?) several places in Colorado and feel Snow Basin is my little secret. Having been built to host the Olympics, it is a first rate facility and absolutely gorgeous (and I don't throw that word around). Because there is not a hotel or resort on-site to spend the night at very few people ski there. It's amazing, even on days when you'd think it would be crowded, there are times when you feel like you have the place all to yourself. When you like it as much as I do, you find yourself concerned that they're so few people that you don't want the place to go out of business. Oh yes, and the powduh is wonderful. Skiing on silk.

I'm taking my new bride there in late January for her first ever ski trip. They also have an excellent training program.

Happy Holidays,

Gregory in Houston