Subject: Re: Christmas in Athens
Dear Judy, As someone living in Athens, I'd like to send some ideas on your trip in Athens.

You ask about a special hotel to spend Christmas days. There are very nice and special hotels in Athens but they are expensive.

For a deluxe hotel I can recommend 1. The nicest Athenian hotel: Grande Bretagne in Syntagma square, which is fully renovated and extremely nice ( 2. Next corner is the Athens Plaza (N.J.V. ATHENS PLAZA) 3. Andromeda Suites at Mavili square - very close to Concert Hall (Megaron Moussikis) of Athens, and 4. ATHENS HILTON, just opened after a renovation, centrally located, next to National Gallery( 5. DIVANI-CARAVEL and Divani Acropolis, both centrally located ( 6. SAINT GEORGE LYCABETTUS ( 7. Metropolitan Hotel (

For the moment I can't propose you any special event for the Christmas period, as anything hasn't been announced until now.

You write that your daughter wants to go to Santorini. Santorini and other islands of Cyclades are almost empty from tourists that period, so few locations to stay, to eat, to enjoy she will find open. Instead of Santorini I recommend Rodos or Crete. 3 years ago I spent my Christmas holidays to Rodos (Rhodes) and it was really nice. I stayed at hotel Rodos Park Suites Hotel, a wonderful hotel in the town ( If you decide to go there, ask the reception to make a reservation for you to the following restaurants: Palia Istoria (= Old History) and Kioupia. Both are excellent!!!

If you need anything else, don't hesitate to ask me. Best Regards Joanna in Athens