Subject: Travel and Sports
Hello fun-loving travelers,

Yesterday's thread regarding skiing and travel got me thinking about what other sports our members are willing to travel for in which to participate. Lucy mentioned dog-sledding, an activity which has grown tremendously in many ski towns. Sara and I tried this a number of years ago in Breckenridge and absolutely loved it. We plan on going to Mammoth Mountain, California this year, in part due to a dog-sledding outfit that lets one mush the dogs on your own plus it runs overnight trips. Ultimately we hope to visit Nunavut where there are dog-sledding operations which run one-two week trips out on the pack ice where one can view polar bears, beluga whales, a variety of seals, and narwhals.

Another sport that takes us on the road is openwater/roughwater swimming. This is Sara's favorite; she's a dedicated swimmer. In addition to taking us all along the coast of California for competitive ocean swims ranging from Coronado to the infamous Alcatraz swim (that's right participants swim from Alcatraz back to the beach park at Fisherman's Wharf) this activity has lead us as far as Hawaii. Our upcoming trip to Australia and New Zealand has us just missing a couple of events. Even so she hopes to train a time or two with her fellow swimming enthusiasts downunder. And , of course, always wanting to further my wife's interests I've discovered openwater events in such diverse places as the lakes of Oregon, the beaches of Vancouver, Bonaire, Margarita Island, the rivers of Argentina, the ocean off Perth, and the Bosporus.

I know for certain that we have members who travel to the Pyrenees for hiking and Costa Rica for birdwatching (If you don't think it's a sport you then try hiking the terrain these people cover) . There must be some of you dive fanatics out there who dream of Truk Island? Golfers who absolutely must visit St. Andrews? Climbers headed to Joshua Tree? Surfers catching the tube at Pipeline or Mundaka?

Come on Travelziners 'fess up to your sporting passion.

John in San Diego but checking the water temperature at Bell's Beach, Victoria, Australia and wondering how he's going to fit his wetsuit and surfboard in his carry-on.