Subject: Re: Travel and Sports

I've the easiest sport in the world to find when I'm not at home: racewalking. All I need to take are shorts, shirt, shoes, socks. Some destinations I have to wait till I'm actually there to discover any marathons/roadraces/events, but almost always I can dig around on the net to find information in advance on races I can enter. The only time I've purposely built a trip around the sport, however, was when 3 of my racewalk teammates & I went to Hawaii as volunteers for the Ironman of 2001. Held just over a month after 9/11, it was an emotional experience for participants & vols. We volunteered for everything we could & ended up working about 30 hours straight, including catching the finishers. Wow! When Sister Monica, the 71-year-old nun, finished with about 30 min to spare before the cutoff, we all were delirious with her joy.

Spectator sports are a whole other story. I am a soccer fan of the first order, & I still kick myself for not having somehow obtained a ticket to watch Manchester United in one of their last games at Main Road. My departure for Oz will be after the last Rugby Cup match, so I'll miss that as well.

Gail In Eugene & lacing up her shoes for a walk in the blustery rain