Subject: Re: Ski trips
Hi Lucy:

I loved Lake Louise and would return there. I did not like the ski area and I am irascible enough to stick to my opinion of the skiing. I wrote a letter to SKI Magazine expressing my disappointment and shortly thereafter the ski operator sent me a letter offering free skiing if I would return, but I had had it and only copious amounts of cash (Euros seem to be doing well these days) would entice me to come back for the skiing. As for the Chateau Lake Louise and the lake itself, I would not hesitate to return. The scenery was beyond spectacular. The Canadian Rockies make their neighbors to the south seem like bumps on a log. Banff (two f's for f*& %$# freezing) and the hotel are awe inspiring. You cannot drive through that area without dropping your jaw onto the floor of the car. I highly recommend a visit to Lake Louise.

Tom warmer in Carlisle than in Banff.