Subject: Re: Ski trips

Cold in Banff? Our ski trip coincided with a high pressure system that dropped temperatures to -40. Take your pick of Celsius or Fahrenheit, it just so happens that's where the two scales meet. Fortunately the really cold snap only lasted two of the seven days we were there then it warmed up to a bearable 0 F and then a balmy 0C. Even so we had a great time. I have no complaints regarding the terrain, snow, or condition of the lifts (even though Lake Louise's were frozen stopped until 11:00am the first day of our visit).

After riding up the lift on Goat's Eye Mountain at Sunshine Village and turning around to see the full grandeur of the Canadian Rockies slipping endlessly off into British Columbia; the Bugaboos, Monashees, Selkirks, and Purcell mountain mind was made up. I've been back to B.C. every year since then. For my ski dollar I don't think you can beat the interior of British Columbia. Small areas like Red Mountain in Rossland and Whitewater in Nelson with fun terrain and charming towns. And larger areas such as Fernie comprised of a line of mountains (similar to Breckenridge) which you can ski for several days before exhausting the terrain. This year we head a bit north to Kelowna and Kamloops to take in Apex, Silver Star, Big White and Sun Peaks. Next year it'll be the area near Golden and rugged terrain of Kicking Horse which has been getting a lot of buzz lately. And then there's all the catskiing...and dare I even think it...heliskiing...

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention the first trip up the road to Sunshine Village we were observed by a lone wolf sitting on a low ridge above the road. I took it as a good omen. Canada and skiing have served me right ever since.

John in San Diego