Subject: Brussels-Frankfurt Train Travel
Hi Ziners --

My wife and I want to travel round trip by train from Brussels to Frankfurt, going on December 20 and returning December 26. On I find Plan and Spar Plus with a Compulsory Return Fare offering a rate of EUR 119.40 for first passenger and 62.80 for second passenger (Second Class). This seems to be a better fare than I have found elsewhere.

Three questions:

1 - Can this fare be booked online? (I can't see a way to do it on that website)

2 - If not, can we simply show up at the station and book it?

3 - Would it be worth an additional EUR 85 to go first class?

(This is an ICE train).

We booked a B&B in Bruges Dec 26 - 30. Any tips about sightseeing, food, beer, etc., are welcome. It appears we can get a senior fare of EUR 2.50 roundtrip between any two Belgium stations. We're thinking of doing Brussels and Ghent as well as Bruge.

Thank you, Dan Karney West Chester, PA USA