Subject: Re: Roundabouts and traffic circles
Hi Andrew:

I have travelled to Portugal on many occasions and although I always remember there being many roundabouts, or traffic circles, I have noticed an increased use of them as of late.

In an area near Aveiro, they've replaced many of the traffic lights along the 109 highway with traffic circles/roundabouts. I believe the right of way (in Portugal at least) is the cars already in the circle have right of way, and if the circle is 2 or 3 lanes deep the cars closest to the centre have right of way to the cars on the outer rings.

Initially I found this very confusing, and very different, but once you get it, they make perfect sense, are easy to use, and appear to make the traffic flow better. I really liked them, and although stoplights are necessary, we here (in Toronto) seem to have just way to many of them, and many could be replaced with circles

Regards, George