Subject: Bouncing and Spam

As a result of the onslaught of spam emails like many of you I have taken to using spam killing programs. Most of the spamkillers learn what is spam and then automatically intercept it and route it to a spam folder for deletion in your email program. Some programs, however, will send a bounce message back to the originating server in hope that a bounce message will convince the errant sender that you no longer exist and the server will dutifully delete your address. That concept is great in theory, but a problem in reality.

TheTravelzine is a Yahoo Group. Unfortunately a lot of spam fakes a Yahoo return address. In my experience, if you bounce a message back to Yahoo, its servers will start bouncing you from all Yahoo groups. I cannot tell you how many times I have bounced spam only to have Yahoo bounce me. I finally had to stop using my bouncer. I now rely on my read and dump spam program only.

I mention this because it is TheTravelzine policy to delete subscriptions of bouncing members who do not respond to the probe Yahoo sends for reactivation. We value your contributions to TheTravelzine and we would not want to lose you because some miscreant sender of spam caused a bounce to Yahoo and its bounce of you.

If you get a request for reactivation of your membership because of a bounce, be sure to reactivate.

Tom who has stopped bouncing for the moment in Carlisle, Massachusetts