Subject: Long flights
Hello frequent flyers,

In two days we leave for our long anticipated trip to New Zealand and Australia. Before I pose my query I would like to thank the dozens of fellow members who contributed their suggestions and advice in response to my many questions over the last 9 months. In addition to a couple of travel books I've organized all of your replies into a 13 page file. Seriously, that's how much information I received from you. And past experience has shown me that those 13 pages will easily surpass the two books I'll be carrying.

But enough accolades to you let's get down to business. In anticipation of the incredibly long day of travel we have collected the following diversions; a miniature game board that includes backgammon, chess, chinese checkers, and Parcheesi; a minidisc recorder (which I'll be using for field recordings) and a number of pre-recorded minidiscs totaling 30 hours worth of music (one of which is a 5 hour relaxation disc comprised of Gregorian Chants, Native American flute, various natural water sounds, etc.; sure to put anyone right to sleep), and a couple of leave-behind novels.

How about the rest of you? What additional mind-occupiers to you bring along on these transoceanic flights? Hand held computer games? A DVD player and the complete Ingmar Bergman filmography? A well-stocked minibar? A week's worth of the NY Times crossword puzzle?

So, Travelziners, do tell us how you cope with these excruciatingly long flights?

John practicing yoga in San Diego so as to be able and contort his 6 ft.+ body into an airline seat