Subject: New Orleans - Garden District lodging
Hello Ziners!

I would like some advice on lodging in the Garden District in New Orleans. My spouse and I will have our 7-year-old daughter along, which means (1) few of the B& B's will take us and (2) we'll need a little extra space (i.e., not a traditional hotel room with 2 double beds -- she's a great traveler and will eat anything and go anywhere, but cannot fall asleep if we're all in a regular hotel room).

I'm considering the Pontchartrain hotel and The Chimes B& B so far, but am overwhelmed by all the choices and reviews available on the internet. I've stayed in the central business district and in the French Quarter on business trips and would like to branch out to another area this time, though, honestly, I haven't spent much time in the Garden District or other parts of town. The trip will be in late April to attend the Jazz Festival.

Carol in Boulder, Colorado