Subject: Modern architecture
Hi Baerbel (and other equally interested Ziners),

thanks for the recommendation about the Berlin crematorium. Depending on my time (and the weather), I will check with the people at the hotel, and Iīll see if I can visit it.

I do admit that I am interested on architecture (both modern and old, with a soft spot for the beginning of the 20th century). I am quite a lay regarding this, so I cannot certainly see myself laying on the floor near the lifts of the Reina Sofia in Madrid, trying to find out how they are fixed to the wall (my sister did it once, you should have seen the faces of the group of japanese tourists when they saw a girl laying there and explaining how amazing the fixtures were ...), but I know that good or interesting architecture is a big bonus for me.

We have been lucky during the last years on having quite a few important architects leaving their signature in our city, and now itīs kind of funny the way the name of the greatest sounds in the mouths of anyone. People like to voice their opinion about the different buildings (we all agree that the Calatrava bridge looks great but it is kind of dangerous when it rains, and in Bilbao, it rains ...), and there is an increased curiosity on what itīs being built in other places.

And I must admit to a quirky twist in my photographs. I like to take pictures of building sites and scaffoldings. I think that they, together with fresh produce markets, are a good sign for the economic situation of a country. And this year I was able to get small video clips with my digital camera. I have ended up with a good collection of egiptian building sites, but I ended up pretty disappointed after my sister told me that their way of working wasnīt so different to ours ...

So ... any other Ziners who would make a detour to see an interesting building? Any discovery that you would like to share with us?

Kind regards,

Covadonga Bilbao - Spain