Subject: Re: Travel and Sports

My wife and I are also both keen race-walkers. Actually, it all started many years ago, when I felt the need to prove to my wife (and to myself), that I was perfectly healthy and fit, and not a cripple, despite triple-bypass surgery. (If anyone is interested, the story of our first marathon is at

There are not too many marathons (or even 1/2 marathons) in our part of the world, so we take every opportunity to include a marathon when we travel. Because some of the other things that we also enjoy (good food and wine) are not really regarded as good marathon preparation, we plan our marathon for the first day or two of our trip. Having satisfied our consciences with such a great physical effort, we then are free to enjoy wine and foods for the rest of our trip!

Keith & Tamar in Israel, planning a trip to France, and the Lyon marathon