Subject: Re: Renting a phone for use in Paris

If you have a cell phone here in the states that you are almost ready to give up on, get a GSM phone here and just use it anywhere in Europe. I have one that works fine here (a Seimens) and it worked fine last week in Paris, the week before in London, Scotland and last year in Italy. The cost was slightly more than my regular calls here in the US.

So Ziners, the next time you get a new cell, get a GSM phone and use it everywhere.

Oh, one more thing. Coverage was infinitely better in Europe that it has ever been here in the USA. There was no where in Europe we did not have great coverage, even in the Scottish Highlands or the hills of Sicily. Here in the Seattle area I can be a mile from the city center of our biggest suburb and not be able to make a call.

Jim in Redmond, WA