Subject: Re: Amusing Moments & New Orleans
Hi ziners Like Sam and his wife, we returned today from a week in New Orleans. Hey, Sam, wasn't the weather grand? This week, we'll be going vegetarian just to re-aquaint ourselves with simple food. No butter!

We had an amusing, baffling moment today at the airport (we were stuck there for six hours - ya gotta love Air Canada) and so we wandered into every shop and cafe more than once.

I decided to pick up a last minute gift for a family member who loves honey butter. What better to bring her than pecan butter? So, we wandered into a Cajun Cookin' shop and when I couldn't find the butter, I asked the sales clerk Do you have any pecan butter? She showed me pecans in boxes, pecan cookies, pecan fudge, pecans every which way. I explained I want pecan butter. You know, the stuff you spread on bread with a knife. She looked me squarely in the eye and replied: Well Ma'am, some people use margarine. What could I say? She had no idea what I was talking about. I had to leave the store, because laughing would have been rude. What we had here was a failure to communicate and we both speak the same language (sort of).

BTW, another thanks to the Ziners who suggested the Laura Plantation. It was a delightful experience, though we found the guide to be a little short on history and long on the personality of the place. There was a lot of glossing over the reailty of the place, the hard work involved, the rigours of life on the plantation for both the owners and slaves. But it did get us out to the country for a few hours.

I'll post more later about what we saw and where we ate. Lucy back in colder Toronto