Subject: Re: Long flights and sports travel
Ziners Having been away for a week, I'm catchng up on the messages. Some very interesting threads.

Re long flights: I'm with Gail on this one. Buckle up, settle in, put on the earphones, set the station to opera or classical and I'm snoozing. Usually, my travel partner has to wake me up when food comes around. But we should all remember that it is important to get up and walk the aisle to keep the blood circulating. On the Vancouver-Hong Kong leg of a trip to Asia, I managed to stay awake because the movies were, believe it or not, quite good and the scenery flying over the eastern coast of Russia was so magnificent that it kept me mesmerized. The downside was that I was a basket case the first day in HK because I missed my nap.

Re sports travel: My partner is a runner so we take trips to marathons. Boston, New York, Barbados, Chicago. In Morocco many years ago, we found ourselves in the midst of a road race through the streets of Rabat to celebrate the end of Ramadan. Now that was fun. Lucy in Toronto