Subject: Olympic Games - Athens, August 2004
Ol Ziners,

I thought about going to Athens with my wife and two chidren, for some days next year in August. I am a sports fan and I like athletics very much so I bought tickets for 3 days on the Internet.

I plan to go from Portugal to Italy - Rome by plane and then rent a car to travel in Italy, Croatia (after crossing the Adriatic on ferry) and then again by ferry to Northern Greece and then to Athens, and back to Italy.

I have a small (???) problem. I could not yet book accomodation in Athens or its suburbs due to the incredible prices that are being asked. For a small 4 people apartment I was asked 720 euros or 850 USD, per day. Two two stars hotel rooms, are even more expensive,

about 1.000 euros per day or 1.180 USD. This is pure speculation, not to call it other things.

So I thought about an answer. Next year in June there will be the Euro 2004 in Portugal, which is about football or soccer as you call it in the US. Greece is one of the countries that will be on it.

My idea is to trade some days in my house in Lisbon or nearby ( I have access to two other small beach houses near Lisbon)for 4 to 5 days in Athens from the 19 to the 23 of August. Is there any Greek Ziner that is interested or knows somebody that could be ???

On the other hand I spend normally 4 weeks per year out of my home one in January, another in March and 2 weeks in the beginning of September.

I thought about trading, of course at no cost, these days with Ziners that are interested in the same scheme. What do you think about

this ?? Is it a crazy idea ??. This way I could travel more because I could save some money on accomodation. Of course there is the problem of trust. We just know each other over the Internet ! But I believe we could arranje some kind of solution.

Best regards Joo in Lisbon, Portugal