Subject: Locked luggage & airport security
Hey all,

There was an article in Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle that I quote from below:

...A firm called Travel Sentry has created luggage locks that

security screeners can open with secret codes and special keys, then relock once they're done pawing through your stuff...Working with the TSA and with the Travel Goods Association, a trade group, Travel Sentry, has established specifications for lock and luggage

manufacturers, who pay a fee to participate in the plan. So far, six major luggage-makers, including Samsonite and American Tourister,

are making the locks. The only one we've seen is Brookstone's. It's more solid (and heavier) than a standard luggage lock, and retails

for $20. At the moment, TSA workers at more than 400 commercial

airports in the United States have the keys and security codes,

according to Travel Sentry. It says worldwide coverage is the

ultimate goal. For a list of retailers, visit

The link to the full article is

Or just go to, click on the Travel link on the left side, then click on the Traveler's Checks article.

Anybody heard of this?

Al Sonoma, CA, USA