Subject: Re: Bangkok (was: Where are you now?)
Hi Rose, A quick note to say that I can give you quite a bit of info on the places that you are going - I just haven't the time to put it

together right now. Do you need accommodation info or are you on a tour??

I can recommend a fantastic (and fascinating) B& B in Chiang Mai - the owner is a former manager of the Bangkok Post who had his house designed like a traditional Thai house, by the designer of the

Regency Chiang Mai. It is absolutely beautiful and Norachai and his family are wonderful hosts. It's called Jaiya Mongkhan Bed and

Breakfast (

Another is a small 'boutique' hotel in Hanoi called the DeSyloia

( - small but very comfy rooms with incredibly

friendly staff and a restaurant with the best food that we had in Vietnam. If you don't stay there - at least go to the small,

intimate CayCau for a meal.

There's so much to say about all the places you are going ...perhaps

it's easiest for you to send me an email with specific questions!

Also - tell me when you'll be in Hong Kong and perhaps we could have a GTG?

Best regards, Judy in Hong Kong