Subject: Bangkok (was: Where are you now?)
Hi Judy -

Thank you so much taking the time to respond to our request. By the way I'm going to be sending this to you personally as I've been having great difficulty getting through to any of my Yahoo Groups and since we leave shortly, I will be sending this to you personally as well. But please feel free to answer through the group or whatever is comfortable for you.

No, we're not going with a tour. This is on our own. We leave for Hong Kong for 3 nights this Sunday, arriving December 2, 2003, in the morning and departing on December 5, 2003, then on to Bangkok for 6 nights, then to Chiang Mai for 4 nights, Siem Reap, Saigon and Hanoi each for 3 nights.

Funny you should mention the DeSyloia because that was our first choice, but no way could we get a reservation there, so as an alternative we'll be staying at the Dan Chu. I do appreciate the recommendations for lodging, but we've made all of our reservations and at this late date, I think it best everything stay as is.

Yes, we'll definitely try the Cay Cau in the DeSyloia. Thank you very much for that. We'll be staying at the Kowloon Hotel and would very much appreciate it if you could please recommend good, but reasonably priced restaurants on the Kowloon side. Of particular interest to me would be dim sum, again reasonably priced if that's at all possible in Hong Kong. Also, since we've already been to Hong Kong a couple of years ago, we've been to the Peak, Stanley Market, Repulse Bay, Macau, etc. We thought we'd kind of take it easy to work our way through the jet lag process. Any suggestions for a couple of easy paced days? My husband and myself love the Night Market and we'll be going there as well as to the Ladies Market. Love those markets!!!! We will definitely be taking a dinner cruise and would appreciate it if you could recommend which one would be your preference. Nothing is as spectacular as Hong Kong at night!

In Bangkok, is there a particular tour company you would recommend for daily tours? Do you know of a personal guide we might use, again, at a reasonable price? We've selected the places we want to go, but your input would be greatly appreciated regarding don't misses and once again, any favorite restaurants you'd recommend.

In Chiang Mai if you could recommend the best hotel to see the Kantoke dinner that would be very helpful as well any restaurants you might recommend generally. We've heard the Kantoke at the Cultural Center isn't very good, but I really don't know.

In Siem Reap we already have our tour guide and driver booked. Since we only have 2 full days, are they best used seeing Ankor Wat and Ankor Tom, or would one of the days be best spent doing or seeing something else? And once again, any favorite restaurants?

I suppose the same questions would apply to Saigon and Hanoi as far as which tour outfit to go with on a daily basis or is there a guide you would recommend? I know it will make for a long day, but do you think it is worthwhile to go to Halong Bay for 1 day only? And the same question for the Mekong Delta? Listen, of course, we would have liked to spend more time in each, but there's always the budget to consider. Also, any favorite restaurants you would care to recommend in each of the cities?

As far as a GTG, that would be wonderful, Judy!!!! We'd look forward to meeting you very much. If any of the dates are convenient for you, let me know in your e-mail and we can then make final arrangements.

Thank you so very much for your kind offer to help. We really do appreciate very, very much.

Best wishes, Rose - Los Angeles