Subject: Bloomsday Centennial in Dublin
Hi all!

My 24 yr old son's graduation present is a trip with me back to his roots in Ireland. We'll go to see relatives in the North and then he desparately wants to go to ReJoyce Bloomsday 100 in Dublin on June 16th. Can you tell that he's a James Joyce fan?

We're flying on points so I just realized that I'd better book the tickets ASAP (if it's not already too late).

I've checked the hotel files and have noted the Harcourt (evidently

G.B.Shaw's house) as well as the Burlington. The latter is over our budget (under $100 Euro) but the former should fit within it. In case they're already booked for this special celebration - does

anyone else have suggestions? I think that this will be the only one we'll book in advance and we probably should do it soon, considering

the occasion.

We'll be renting a car and toodling around the countryside in both the North and South. I've spent some time in the North and I'll be checking the past postings for suggestions but...if anyone has a not- so-well-publicized don't miss for a 50-something Mum and her 20- something son - I'd love to hear it.

Many thanks!

Judy in Hong Kong