Subject: Re: Bloomsday Centennial in Dublin
Hi Judy,

as I don't have much time at the moment just the things that come to my mind without any special order....

- in Donegal is the pub of the family which members you might know as the band Clannad or singer Enya - it was fun to sit there outside in the sun and inside you can see dozens of golden and platinum records.....

- in Dublin I enjoyed going to the Abbey theatre...

- I had a nice morning in Kildare near Dublin (famous for its horse races) where you can visit the stables and next to them a nice Japanese garden

- in the southwest many people visit the Ring of Kerry (where at least I enjoyed a wonderful walk on the beach), not so many go to Dingle (where perhaps you can still do a boat trip to a free living dolphin there) and very few go to the wilder area of Beara which I loved!

- in Tralee I stayed at a great B& B but am not 100% sure if it was the one linked below - if it was - the hosts were great, house was nice and breakfast was unsurpassed. The owner phoned around then to find a pub where that evening people were gathering to sing and play together and it was fabulous.

And on a general note (as I don't know if you mean Northern Ireland when you talk about the north or just Donegal/Sligo) - I'd recommend to visit Ulster. It was sometimes depressing but somehow interesting, too, to see this area myself, to talk to the people and build my own opinion about the conflict. Besides the fact that there are wonderful areas in Ulster to visit.