Subject: Re: One day in Japan
Hi Lucy,

I second Narita as the place to visit during your layover at Narita airport.

The temple there is one of the most important in the country to visit on New Year's Day. The crowds are amazing.

More importantly, you are not spending all your time on the train into Tokyo and back and then trying to find the area of town you wish to visit once you are there.

Also remember to leave plently of time to go back through immigration and security. The departure gates that I've dealt with there usually start boarding one hour before departure.

I don't know what airline you are on but they probably are all alike. With Northwest, random in-depth security checks are done just as you enter the plane. If you do not want to be one of the chosen, do not be first in line.

Try this link for more information: Narita City: A good 7-Hour Layover

Harlene in cold (but no snow) Madison