Subject: Re: Renting a phone for use in Paris

What do you use for a service with the GSM phone while in Paris

or Europe? I have AT& T stateside, will that work? Currently when

visiting Europe I use a calling card (bought in Europe) but then I need a payphone, a cell would be so much more convienent. Thanks


[Moderator's note: Those of you who use AT& T as I do can order from AT& T a SIM chip which will work in a separately purchased GSM cellphone. When someone calls your US AT& T number, the call will ring on your SIM chip equipped GSM phone in Europe. It is quite seamless and most callers never suspect that you are anywhere but the US. I use it all the time, but it is not inexpensive.

AT& T is gradually shifting its US system to GSM from the existing CDMA or TDMA. So far the AT& T GSM system lacks the coverage in the US that the existing CDMA system has. However, the AT& T GSM phone (if it is a tri-band phone) can work in the US and in Europe. If you use Nextel or Omnipoint (I cannot remember what the latter is called now), both of which are GSM systems then you can get a single phone (a tri-band phone) which will work both in the US and Europe.

Tom in Carlisle Co-Moderator of TheTravelzine]