Subject: Egypt - is it a good vacation destination?

For some time now I've been wanting to go on vacation to Egypt. I have always had the desire to see the pyramids, go snorkeling in the Red sea, visit the Egyptian museum in Cairo and so on. But yesterday

I talked to some friends of mine that went to Egypt recently (to Hurghada) and they said that the vacation wasn't all that great. It seemed like everywhere they went they had to pay extra..when they went from the hotel that they were staying in to the beach they had to pay to get into the beach...and on the beach there were lots of different vendors that were bugging them until they want to buy a camel ride or get a fake tattoo or something like that. My friends

also said that they were bugged by lots of different people that wanted to take pictures with them...what is the point of that? Well, I'm just wondering if anyone else has gone to Egypt and what

impression you were left with.

Regards Gard Stavanger, Norway