Subject: Re: Egypt - is it a good vacation destination?

It depends on what you want to do. If you are interested in history, archeology and the culture of Egypt, it is a wonderful vacation destination. It would not be my choice of a place to go for the beach.

Beyond the pyramids and the Egyptian Museum, in and around Cairo, there is Luxor with the temples, various sites along the upper Nile river, and Aswan.

You certainly will encounter people trying to sell you things everywhere you go, and a certain number of beggars, especially in the cities. Most of them are very persistent. However, one of my most memorable shopping experiences was the three hours spent buying a papyrus painting in Luxor. First, we sat down and discussed the shop keeper's family and my family over tea. Then we looked at all of the things I did not want to buy. Finally, we got around to negotiating for the one that I did want to buy. Every time I look at that painting hanging in my family room, I have fond memories of Egypt! I would return in a second.

Lisa in Chicago