Subject: Re: Venice and surroundings
Hi Chitra. Venice is a wonderful place, full of hidden corners. There is no place else like it in the world. When we were there in 1999, we stayed on the Lido and I would definitely recommend it as a place to see. There is a Jewish cemetary from the 1380s, a monestery or maybe it is convent. There is the Lido beach itself and a very old town at one end of the island whose name I cannot remember. YOu can take the bus all around the island which is really a lovely suburb of Venice. There will be more than enough to do and see in Venice and the surrounding islands to keep you busy for a week. You may want to look at this book:. The perfect house : a journey with the Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio, by Witold Rybczynski to understand his houses if you are going to Veneto. He also designed a wonderful church in Venice as well.

Michele Missner Appleton, Wi.