Subject: Re: Atlanta Hotels
Hi Rick-

I live in Atlanta, and yes, both of those hotels are top-rated, so you'll do fine either way. Parking is always a hassle downtown--if

you'll have a car, you may want to look into the parking options each one offers and let that help you decide (all else being equal).

As for BBQ, I recommend Dusty's BBQ (Briarcliff Road near Emory), and Fat Matt's Rib Shack at 1811 Piedmont Road in Buckhead. Dusty's is incredible North Carolina style BBQ (pork & vinegar-based, not beef & ketchup-based like Texas style). Fat Matt's has probably the best ribs in the state, great chicken too. It has a low-down, authentic

kind of atmosphere and has free live blues some evenings. It's the real deal, a very popular place.

I also hear that the Harold's BBQ chain is good, though I haven't

been there myself.

Have fun, Kate M. in atl