Subject: Manhattan apartment rental?
Fellow Ziners,

I would like to rent a small furnished apartment in Manhattan for a month in April.

I'd like to find a small one bedroom or studio in the upper West Side or down near Greenwich Village or Tribeca.

Based on my previous hotel rooms and apartment rentals, I think I can pay around $3000 or less for the month.

I rented an apartment for a week once and the building was good, but the interior of the apartment was pretty bad.

I've tried to see a few other apartments, but the real estate people always tell me that I can't see the insides of the apartments because people are occupying them. They send my by the outsides of the buildings to assure me the locations and buildings are good. That helps, but I was really disappointed in the interior last time.

Can anyone recommend a good apartment broker or have a friend who rents apartments? Know a good online source that I can use? Any suggestions on how to do this?

Thanks, Jim in Houston