Subject: Re: Backroads!
Hi Ziners,

I think it was in the summer of 1974 that we discovered the road to the summit of Mt. Evans situated somewhere between Denver and Boulder, CO. The sign touted the road as the highest auto road in the U.S. at over 14,200 feet. It was 105 degrees at the bottom. The road barely allowed 2 vehicles to

go by each other and had no guard rail. At about 2/3 the way up, we encountered a snow squall, then bright sun and snow- covered ground. We stopped to allow our kids to have a snowball fight in shorts! At the top, the big display thermo- meter registered in the low thirties. The view was dramatic and breathtaking. The restaurant and souvenir shop on the summit served a much-savored hot chocolate as well as oxygen whiffs for those in need. A couple of weeks later on that same trip, we decided to forego a ride up Pike's Peak. We didn't feel the need to pay the toll after our free access to just-as-scenic-if-not-more-so Mt. Evans.

About 10 years later, my husband had to attend a conference in Denver. We decided to take some colleagues to experience the precarious drive. It was funny to see them huddling toward the inner side of the car so their weight wouldn't send us over the edge. Unfortunately, when we reached the top, we were sad to discover that the restaurant no longer existed. It had burned down completely the previous year after having been hit by lightening.

Carrie, from Brrrrdonia, NY.