Subject: Free day in Bergen, Norway
Hi Ziners,

We will be visiting Scandinavia and St. Petersburg for 20 days next May-June. This is a tour we could not participate this year, so we booked for one that leaves in late May, 2004.

As I read guide books to plan for free days in each city, I have questions here and there, but let me start with Bergen.

On day 10, we will embark on Norway in a Nutshell tour traveling

from Oslo to Bergen.

On day 11, in Bergen, with a guided tour of Bergen in the afternoon.

On day 12, we'll have a free day in Bergen.

I am looking for suggestions on how to best utilize the free day in Bergen.

1)Should I try to get on a 4-hour boat tour to see more fjord or will I be better off spending the day taking it easy in town?

2)If I were to opt for a half-day fjord tour, which boat/route will be more scenic and comfortable? The White Lady offers a 4-hour fjord sighseeing, although by looking at her picture I imagine the ride won't be too comfortable. Any alternatives/suggestions?

Thanks in advance. Mei-Ching (Massachusetts)