Subject: Re: Traveling to South America
Hi, Harry

I live in Uruguay, the little country between Brazil and Argentina.

I am brazilian citizen too, and I have lived at Brazil for long time. Brazil is big country, wonderful and with a large diversity. What kind of travel are you planning? Beaches, forests, cities? Adventure

or quite calm stroll? Do you prefer the northeast (very hot,

wonderful beaches, funny people)? Or the biggest city as Sao Paulo? Or Rio de Janeiro?

There are others, of course, as Curitiba, that perhaps is not so well-known, but is a lovely and interesting city (she has been

outstanding and pioneering in aspects of urban planning). There are two little and beautiful villages, Gramado and Canela, near the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre. I think at that date there is the Gramado Festival of Cinema.

The urban violence is really a problem, but you can get some careful. I had never a problem, and I have travel a lot around Brazil.

If you decided visit Uruguay, I will be here, certainly. There are some good options, as visit a touristic farm, or Punta del Este, if you like.

Tell me what kind of information or suggestions are interesting for you, and I'll tried, if it is possible to me.

Regards, Lourdes (in Montevideo, Uruguay)