Subject: Re: Enterprise Rent-a-Car in England?
Hi Al,

We rented from British Car Rental this past weekend (actually Europcar) but it was cheaper than anyone else - cheaper than Europcar itself. If you go to their site and you have to refresh your screen, you are taken to the main Europcar site and are given a higher quote! But you do get a Europcar vehicle at the Europcar counter!

BTW, weekend rates start at noon on Friday until noon on Monday. We paid 65 pounds for an economy (small) car (advisable if you plan to drive on small roads or park anywhere!).

You might be able to do better now - but that was certainly the best we could do when we booked it.

Don't plan on driving into London - you will have to pay the 5 pounds per day congestion charge yourself - and have the hassle of figuring out where!

Frances Toronto, Canada