Subject: Re: Affordable Paris Hotels over Xmas
Hi George,

Here's a few 3 star hotels in the 6th that should be under 150

Euros. Since your friend is going alone, she should note that some hotels have rooms for singles. Though quite small, they're often a big bargain and might even go for under 120 Euros.

Hotel Le Clement - (Mod's Note from Linda, see: ) Hotel Saint Germain - HOtel de Seine - Hotel des Marronniers - (a fave of mine) Millesime Hotel -

Additionally, (believe it or not) Best Western also owns some small, charming hotels in Paris. Call their 800 # in the US for rates which often include breakfast.

Some rooms include taxes some don't, but taxes are not very high.

Contact They have some nice places too.

Please note that if you type in the latin quarter in a search,

you'll get the 5th arrondisement (district). The 6th is called the St. Germain des Pres area. Many people confuse the two since they are next to each other. However, for a web search, it's best to know the difference.

The 5th is nice too, though I'd steer clear of anything that's

directly on Blvd. St. Michel as it can get noisy......though perhaps not at this time of year? Spring/summer can be nuts with all the people!

Candice NYC