Subject: Re: Low budget hotels in Paris
Hi Jim,

I have stayed at both the hotels you mentioned.

The Prince de Conti was lovely, however, some of the rooms are very tiny, so one has to be sure to ask when they make their booking ...unless that's not an issue for them. I think this hotel is higher priced than its sister hotel, but has nicer bathrooms, in my opinion.

The sister hotel is the Prince de Conde on rue Seine. The rooms

are all good sized, however, they don't have dressers with drawers

in them, except for the one room on the lobby level. Maybe they've

added some by now? If not, you have to put non-hanging items on the shelf of the bedstand and the closet shelf. I stayed there about 2 years ago.

Both hotels are run by Libertel Hotels. Both are 3 star hotels.

Candice NYC