Subject: Inexpensive London Hotel
Hello Everyone,

Here's another site for those looking for affordable accommodation in London

I stayed here in September this year and paid 30 per night - breakfast of cereal, toast, juices, tea, coffee, choice of breads, rolls etc was enough to fill you for the day.

Hotel is in the west end and only a 5 minute walk from Covent Garden, 7 minutes from Trafalgar Sqare and 10 minutes from Buckingham Palace, River Thames, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, London Eye, etc.

Be aware there are no en suite bathrooms. Rooms are divided into clusters and there is a shower, toilet and fully equipped kitchen for each 6-8 rooms - kitchen has a couple of refrigerators, microwaves, cooking utensils, crockery, cutlery and enough tables and chairs to seat about 30 people.

In my single room, there was ample closet space, a telephone, at least three power points and a hand basin. There was also a desk and chair and all occupied rooms (including kitchen and bathrooms)were cleaned daily.

If you're looking for a secure base to stash your belongings while you're out sight seeing, eating or buying the makings to cook for yourself, visiting a nearby theatre, I can certainly recommend this one.

The site is also a good one to check for affordable hotels, b & bs etc in other parts of London.

Cheers Sue Western Australia