Subject: Moros y Cristianos in Alcoi
Hi Alex,

Linda was right about the date of San Vicente Ferrer, and I have managed to find a bit more about the Moros y Cristianos festival in Alcoi ( btw, there are Moros y Cristianos all along the Comunidad Valenciana, so you might be able to check a few of them ...)

On the first day, Diana (or wake-up call) is played at 6:00 am. Afterwards, you will see the Christian parade in the morning and the Moors parade in the afternoon. On the second day, there are two processions, one at 11:00 am and another at 19:00 pm. On the last day, the Moors Ambassaderia is held at 10:00 am, and the christian one at 16:30. Afterwards there will be a battle (plenty of noise and gunpowder, the valencians LOVE gunpowder), and Sant Jordi will appear at 21:30.

If you read spanish, you will find a lot of interesting information at :

Kind regards, Covadonga Bilbao - Spain