Subject: Re: London - Gatwick to Victoria
Hi Andrew,

You are right - it is South Central rail from Gatwick to London Victoria. Names have changed (was Connex, I think).

Gatwick Express is 11 pounds. SouthCentral from Gatwick to Victoria is 8.20 for the rail journey. The day travelcards which cover the rail journey plus all zone London transit were about 10 pounds. (off-peak). Just the Off-Peak London Underground travel card was 4.10

On the SouthCentral website it mentions the Peak Day and Off-Peak Day Travelcards which can be used on this route (not on the Gatwick Express, though) but doesn't mention the price!

Peak Day Travelcard

A return journey from any rail station to the London Travelcard area, including unlimited travel for a day on London trains, tubes and most buses. This is the easiest way to get into and around London for a day

Off-Peak Day Travelcard

The same as the Peak Day Travelcard, available anytime Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays or on trains that arrive after 10am, Monday to Friday. Available from 9.30am Monday to Friday within the Travelcard area.

We bought our travel cards at the travel information office (or something like that!) at the Gatwick rail station because we couldn't see the offer on the ticket machines.

Frances Toronto, Canada