Subject: Re: London budget tips
Hi to all Ziners,

David wrote:

> Consider also buying a network Railcard at the same time.
> You only need one in your party, and the cost will be at
> least partially offset when you buy regular tickets.

Please forgive me (fingers crossed I'm not the only one that

wondered), but what is a network railcard? We were able to get the Sr discount cards for our rail journeys on our last trip to England, but I'm not sure what the network one is. Discount? Good deal?

While we probably pay more than we should for them (and that sort of takes me off the budget topic), we order the Gatwick Express and tube passes from prior to our departure. It's really nice to just to get on the train and then when you get to town, walk up to the tube office and get the passes once we arrive. We've not been to London for a year, but on our last trip, noticed quite a few folks paid for their Gatwick express ticket after the train had departed.

Cheers and best wishes for the holidays,

Peggy * OH