Subject: Copenhagen questions
Good morning Ziners, I have a few questions about Copenhagen. I hope some one can respond to them. Thanks in advance.

1) If I were to buy a 10-ride klippekort (clip card), could two people share a klippekort by punching it twice, or should each person have his own individual klippekort?

2) I plan to travel from my hotel in Nyhavn to visit Frederiksborg

Castle in Hillerød. It seems that I have to take metro to Nørreport

to catch S-tog train. Do I buy and use the S-tog ticket at my

starting metro station or do I take metro with my klippekort to Nørreport then buy S-Tog at Nørreport?

3) Has any one taken Copenhagen Excursions' 7-hour castle tour? Was it good or was it hurried?

Mei-Ching (in eastern Massachusetts where we just got 12 inches of snow over night)