Subject: Introduction - New member in Paris
Forwarded by Moderator - Welcome Jeannine!


i'm jeannine, a graduate student in comparative literature--my fields are francophone and latin american lit and i find myself focusing on performance studies quite a bit of late. i found travelzine when i put in a search for the address of a favorite restaurant and found it nested in a narrative of don's. i enjoyed the writing style very much and noted that the approach to getting to know a city resembles my own closely.

i'm spending the year in paris doing the beginning of dissertation research, and am hoping to bop around a little bit to london (for new year's) morocco, warsaw...we will see! my past travel experience has varied from an extended (8-month) stay in peru (primarily in lima, but also traveling quite a bit down the coast and inland to the andes regions) to far-too-brief introductory trips to tokyo last christmas, and greece in may. i adore traveling, in part because the research it requires to make a trip gel garners instant rewards--and make it a priority, even with my student's budget.

i'm looking forward to plumbing through the archives for suggestions and contributing the nifty finds that i think would be worthwhile.

best, jeannine