Subject: Re: Introduction - new member in Texas

Good luck! I once applied to the Peace Corps. I received an

invitation to go to Uzbekistan. I would have been in the first group to go back after 9/11. My family wasn`t thrilled so I turned it down. I am also from the Dallas metro so you`ll probably talk to the same girl I talked too. The Dallas PC office is very helpful so they`ll help you every step of the way. The whole application

process is just a bit frusterating. Anyway, good luck in your

journeys. Keep in mind that the Peace Corps isn`t the only option. I am teaching English in Japan and this is working out just great! I know there are many other English teaching opprotunities in South America too. Keep your eyes open. Good luck with your search.

Adam in Japan

Modīs note from Covadonga: Tiffany, good luck ! I think you are in the right mindset. My time working abroad (there are a few european

programs for young EU members) was great, and it has certainly

helped me during my working life.