Subject: Re: Digital Cameras
Greetings and Happy Holidays to all Ziners,

On our recent trip to Scotland I could have used the 35mm once to capture salmon trying to jump up a river. After I decided I could draw them into the digital shots, I did not miss the 35mm.

Tom, those are fighting words! :) But, hey, they are your vacation

photos so enjoy them. ;)

Don't be so quick to sell-short film. It is very widely available, cheap to turn into prints, and the cameras do not require one to lug around many extra batteries and some type of storage device to download pictures into. On my three week trip to Italy, I started with fresh batteries and replaced the once using AA alkalines I brought with me. No worries about filling up my memory card, no need to lug around a laptop computer or other external storage device, no need to carry a battery charger or to remember to charge the batteries. Just the joy of photography.

Paul Seattle