Subject: Christmas Dining in Vancouver
Hi Paul

The list of Christmas Dining places that was published this Week in the Vancouver Sun and which Terry sent to you is excellent and you should be able to find something there. In addition, we had a lovely Buffet Dinner at the Westin Bayshore last year (604 682 3377) and have also had a Christmas Buffet at the Fairmont Hotel (604 684 3131) and a sit down Dinner at the Hart House Restaurant in Burnaby which is a cab drive away but a lovely old house in a park setting perfect for Christmas Day (604 298 4278).

I also saw an ad. for the Renaissance Hotel Harbourside Vistas restaurant for Brunch Buffet and for a Dinner Buffet (604 691 2725 or

I telephoned a couple of local chain restaurants for you but neither were open Christmas Day so unless there's a small local spot I don't know of, you probably should consider one of those on Terry's list, or on my list or check out a few other hotels.

And I'd really advise you to decide and book now because we have had difficulty getting reservations in the past even when we booked earlier than this.

Have a great trip, Judy Abbotsford BC