Subject: Re: Christmas Dining in Vancouver
Hi Paul,

O'Doul's Restaurant is a nice spot in the Listel Hotel on Robson. I would imagine it would be serve Christmas dinner. I stayed there a couple a weeks ago and seem to recall seeing some promo material re: Christmas. (I could be wrong tho'.)

If you want REALLY casual, quick and inexpensive ... and not a traditional Christmas dinner, there's always Hon's Chinese across the street from the Listel. It appears to open all the time.

The Wedgewood Hotel's Restaurant, Bacchus, is a wonderful spot. It would be worth trying to see if you can get in. We had a wonderful traditional Thanksgiving dinner there a couple of years ago, so I'd imagine Christmas dinner might also be served. (The Wedgewood is on Hornby, quite central - not far from your hotel)

Not necessarily for Christmas dinner, but ... on a recent visit to Vancouver I had pleasure of dining at Feenie's and Cru ... both offer 'small' plates and great wine selections. I'd recommend both.

Have a wonderful time.

Lesley Toronto, Canada