Subject: Re: Lizard Island
Good morning, Ziners - my daughter-in-law, Andrea, is able to e-mail from Lizard Island, Australia. She says it's extremely hot and in order to run their experiments, they have to turn off the air conditioning. The experiments are going very well however and so far, she said it's very dry and no cyclone activity.

She snorkeled on the reef yesterday and swam with a large sea turtle - she said it was really cool! Her experiments are going well (she is a Ph.D. candidate studying reef fish) and she will get to spend a week in Sydney and environs before returning home. As for the exclusive resort on the island, they are allowed to go there once a week by invitation only and then just to the bar.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for her which is well deserved as she has worked so hard on her graduate studies.